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It’s International Women’s Day 2019 and at the risk of being a bit of a bandwagon-jumper, I thought this was a good reason to write about all the ladeez who really float my boat. Nothing more complicated or significant than that- just a list of women in music, TV, film and literature that are totally badass and incredible. This is my contribution to IWD! Enjoy this in-no-particular-order list:

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: This was the awesome staple of my 90s childhood. I devoured every episode of this whilst clutching my copy of ‘The Watcher’s Guide’ and geekily memorising facts about the Buffy universe. Copious analyses have been made of this seminal series, so I won’t bore anyone with a treatise on the feminist influence of Joss Whedon’s work but needless to say, Buffy is the best thing ever.
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Specifically, Karen O from the YYYs who is the coolest front woman ever to front a band surely? I was crazy into those trendy New Yawk bands of the late 90s/early 00s like the Strokes and The Rapture and Karen O was a style icon of epic proportions. And Fever To Tell is one of my all-time favourite albums.
  3. Tina Fey: Tina Fey is my heroine and girl crush- a talented writer and actress. Liz Lemon from 30 Rock is the most relatable anti-hero on television and Fey’s relationship with Amy Poehler is #friendshipgoals
  4. Golden Girls: There are two groups of people- people who think Sex And the City is a ground-breaking female-led phenomenon that pushed boundaries and blazed trails for have-it-all females everywhere. And people who knew that was over-egged praise because they have seen The Golden Girls which was way more revolutionary than SATC ever was and infinitely more intelligent and entertaining. I am in the second group.
  5. Laura Linney: She’s got the down-to-earth likeability of a Sandra Bullock mixed with the talent and integrity of a Judi Dench. She’s in loads of great films- Primal Fear; Laramie Project; Mystic River and Life of David Gale etc. She will play me in the film of my life “Voice of a Generation- The Molly Tie story”.
  6. Hole: Whatever your views on the divisive Courtney Love (cards on the table- I’m a big fan), Hole are one of the most gritty, grubby expressions of female anger and angst that every teenager should have in their life to get them through those awkward years. Your heartbreak and incandescent rage are given life by Love’s croaky roaring and the underlying themes of exploitation and self-destruction are a bath of melancholy in which you can drown yourself. Or summat.
  7. Beyoncé: What can be said about Queen Bey that hasn’t already been said? Her career spans 22 years so far and shows no sign of stopping. She has not put a foot wrong thus far- from wearing matching denim in Destiny’s Child à la B*Witched to donning a Nefertiti cape and headdress for Coachella. She’s so essential to modern life that Microsoft Word will auto-correct her name to add the accent on the ‘e’- that’s when you know you run the world.
  8. Spice Girls: I could not lump The Spice Girls in with the general girl group section, they must be considered on their own. I was 10 years old when ‘Wannabe’ was released and literally everyone at school was Spice mad from then on. I had the CDs, the posters, the dolls, the Spice World movie on video…. I still listen to them now when I need a bit of a girl power pick-me-up and am not feeling urban enough for All Saints….
  9. Caitlin Moran: I love Caitlin Moran because her writing is hilarious and female music journalists are not easy to find. I have enjoyed all her books which do NOT shy away from the cringeworthy and as someone who enjoys discussing bodily functions, I feel me and Moran are kindred spirits. I also always enjoy a woman with a bold eyeliner game and Caitlin is no stranger to a black kohl pencil.
  10. Girl groups: I simply could not pick one because I pretty much love all girl groups from the Supremes to Girls Aloud. You can’t pick between The Shangri-Las and TLC or En Vogue and The Bangles because they are all unbelievably fantastic and almost entirely overlooked when the musos discuss SERIOUS MUSIC. Well, screw them.

How about you? Who are your fave females? Let me know!

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